Drop off/Pick Up Procedure

Post date: May 19, 2013 5:31:58 PM

Dear Penacook Parents and Guardians,In light of our heightened attention to student safety, I want to remind you of our expectations for student drop-offs and pick-ups each day. Penacook Elementary School has a population of over 400 students. It is our responsibility to insure that our students are safe at all times. We take this responsibility seriously, and we take pride in our attention to the details of student supervision. We know that you have entrusted your child to our care each and every day, and you have high expectations for us.Student arrival and dismissal times are especially hectic, to say the least. Keeping track of the comings and goings of our students is a priority. The staff that is assigned to car and bus drop-offs and pick-ups has an enormous responsibility to monitor the students. The bus monitors cannot also be responsible to monitor parent dismissals out of the bus lines or from under the front portico.We will be monitoring student drop-offs and pick-ups carefully. We ask you to walk your child to the front receiving area, if you are not dropping off from your car in the back of the building. In the afternoon, we ask that you come into the building to meet your child. We will not dismiss from bus lines, the school entrance area, or across the parking lot to a waiting car. We need to know who is receiving each child. Over time, we get to know each of you, but there are times when you may not be recognized, and we will ask for identification. We understand that some could think this unnecessary or a nuisance, but we believe that you want us to be sure of the person leaving with your child. We will never apologize for being cautious.

Thank you for helping us.


Linda McAllister